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 "Over the past few weeks, we have had ample opportunity to analyze the aims and objectives of all the candidates vying for the seat of Clerk of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City in the upcoming election, and have found that you are by far the most qualified candidate to lead this office forward. Your honest and practical approach sets you apart from the other candidates, and your willingness to listen and the great concern you have shown for the citizens of Baltimore is both admirable and commendable."

"It is always a pleasure to see a candidate who speaks out for the rights of working families and who displays a passion for serving the citizens of Baltimore City, and who is not afraid to stand up for what it right, and speak out against that which is wrong. For years, you have been the only person in the crowded field of candidates, that we have seen stand side-by-side with our union members and state employees, fighting for better working conditions and equal pay for all; so we have no doubt that you will be the kind of leader we sorely need at this time. 

This letter memorializes our endorsement and support of your campaign for Clerk of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, in the upcoming 2018 gubernatorial election. We are confident that you will succeed, and you can count on our assistance in helping you achieve victory on June 26, 2018."

Supported By...​

I wholeheartedly and unequivocally support my friend, Hassan Giordano for Clerk of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, because I know Hassan has a passion for people that transcends politics. He has shown a sense of leadership and an ability to lead over the years without ever being elected to political office, but being just as effective, if not more effective in some cases, than those we elect to serve our interests. I have no doubt that Hassan will bring forth the changes he has outlined in his 21st century vision on his website,, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that the voters of Baltimore know and understand the leadership they will be getting when they elect him as the city’s next Clerk.”

~Kweisi Mfume

Former Baltimore City Councilman, Congressman and President/CEO of the National Assocation for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) 

  1. Robert Embry, ABELL Foundation
    Mr. Robert 'Bob' Embry
    President, ABELL Foundation
  2. Lena Redmon, Pat Kelly, AFSCME 3674, Workers United
    Union Bosses
    Pat Kelly (left), President of AFSCME Local 3674 Courthouse Employees Union. Lena Redman, President of Workers United
  3. Jody Landers
    Jody Landers
    Former Baltimore City Councilman and President of the Board of Realtors
  4. Sonja Merchant-Jones
    Sonja Merchant-Jones
    43rd District Leader
  5. Barbara Jackson and Darlene Cain
    Barbara Jackson and Darlene Cain
    Two community leaders! Cain is the founder of Mothers on the Move, fighting police brutality and joined with Mothers of Murdered Sons
  6. Angie Winder
    Angie Winder
    NE Community Leader and Advocate, #RTVProject founder
  7. Ivan Bates, Esq.
    Ivan Bates, Esq.
    Premiere Baltimore Defense Attorney and candidate for State's Attorney
  8. Rita Church
    Rita Church
    East Baltimore community leader and candidate for state delegate in the 45th district
  9. Register of Wills employees
    Register of Wills employees
    Gaines Lansey, Crystal Coleman and Barbara Kelly, along with the majority of the ROW employees support Hassan
"I have had the pleasure of knowing Hassan for years, and I know that he will make a great Clerk for the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. He knows what it takes to move things forward, whether it be legislatively in achieving the vision he has to increase juror pay or address the need for a new courthouse; or administratively, when addressing the many issues that currently exist, including streamlining the antiquated juror selection process and upgrading the current technology. The citizens of this city will be well served having Hassan Giordano as their next Court Clerk."

~Sheila Dixon

Campaigning in the Community

How Hassan plans to Change the Courts as your next Clerk

Mr. Giordano was the first candidate to announce and file to run for Clerk of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, announcing his intentions and his 21st century vision last year on March 6th at his Birthday Bash - and filing with the BOE 4-months later on July 7, 2017. He is the ONLY candidate to have a comprehensive plan on how we Change the Courts, and here are some of the issues that exist and how he plans to address them!

Did you know...that currently jurors receive a $15-a-day stipend for their service, but unlike other jurisdictions, are not provided with parking facilities connected to the courts or comp'd for using public transportation or lunch.

Mr. Giordano plans to...Increase Juror Pay in order to help ease the burdens associated with juror service. "You can barely even park in downtown Baltimore for $15, let alone get a decent meal on top of it. So I plan to lobby the members of the Maryland General Assembly to increase Juror Pay to keep up with the growth of inflation," says Mr. Giordano. "Currently, the courts generate close to $20-million a year, and of that, only roughly $850K is allocated per year for juror pay, meaning that a modest increase would not hurt the court's annual revenue and the cost will NOT be placed on the backs of the hard-working taxpayers."

Did you know...that judges are still issuing court-ordered sentences off of carbon-copy paper, as is much of the paperwork within the court system. This age-old process has the courts backed up with boxes of files from cases dating back years, if not decades; and state archives refuses to move them to their facilities based on the asbestos that contaminates those files.

Mr. Giordano plans to...Upgrade the Court's Technology in order to get them up to a 21st century standard, where judges can issue orders and sentences via email, and the Clerk's office can digitalize old cases and documents thereby eliminating the need to fill offices and the sub-basement with hundreds of boxes that could be destroyed if the courthouses experience another flood or fire. "We are in the 21st century and these judges and state employees are required to have to deal with computer systems from the stone-ages. It makes absolutely no sense! I plan to address the court's technology, or lack thereof, ensuring that jurors can utilize the court's free wi-fi while awaiting to be called for jury selection or a trial, something that currently isn't available to them. Instead of jurors having to call a number the night before, trying to find out if their number is being called for the next day's juror selection, we should have an app and/or website that they can go to on their phone or computer to simply enter their information to see if they have to report and exactly where they need to report; essentially streamlining the system to be less complicated and more efficient!"

Did you know...that according to recent audits released by the Md. Office of Legislative Audits, that the circuit courts have continued to lose millions of dollars in uncollected criminal and civil court fees, totaling $13.3 million to-date, dating back to the 1990's due to the Clerk and the Sheriff not working together to collect these court fees. 

Mr. Giordano plans to...Restore Fiscal Accountability  by working with the Sheriff to issue the dunning notices to those who owe the courts, and working with Central Collections in order to recoup the money owed to the courts and the citizens of this city and state, as well as to ensure that people who come before the courts pay their court-ordered fees. "For decades the Clerk's Office has ignored this process allowing missing millions of dollars in funds to go unaccounted, which could have been used to upgrade the court's facilities or its technology. Instead, we have a complacent Clerk who sits behind a desk to collect a paycheck and continues the practices of their predecessors. All that will change once I'm elected Clerk, as will the fiscally irresponsible manner in which they currently handle the disbursement of juror pay, allowing almost a dozen different employees access to these funds with no process in place to ensure that the juror monies issued actually went to the jurors serving that day," stated Mr. Giordano.

Did you know...that the Circuit Courthouses were built in the late 1800's, opening to the public in January 1900; and we are still using those same ancient, though historic, facilities. However, these two buildings over the years have had multiple issues from birds pooping inside the windows to asbestos and bed-bug issues on a regular basis. In fact, Mr. Giordano believes that they should be deemed public health hazards and shutdown immediately. "Why would you expose hundreds of employees, and thousands of citizens who visit these buildings on a regular basis to these kinds of conditions," Mr. Giordano continues to question.

Mr. Giordano plans to...Build a Brand New Charm City Court Complex. Hassan will lobby the city, state and federal elected officials to help relocate the circuit court facilities to an area of Baltimore with up-to-date facilities, or to build a brand new Charm City Court Complex, complete with a parking garage for the court's employees, jurors and visitors to park for FREE, as well as them being outfitted for 21st century technology. "You know that one of the first acts that Gregg Bernstein did when he became Baltimore's States Attorney, was lobby these officials to get his employees up out of these facilities; essentially getting the state and the city to pay for the lease over at the plush Suntrust building off of Baltimore Street. However, they left the hundreds of employees who work for the courts, the Sheriff's and the Register of Wills offices in these dilapitated buildings. As your next Clerk, I will work day and night to get these hard-working state employees moved out of these facilities, and into a more safe, healthy and humane facility," stated Mr. Giordano.

  1. Joint canvass with TeamStinnett
    Joint canvass with TeamStinnett
  2. Clarence Mitchell IV aka C4
    Clarence Mitchell IV aka C4
  3. #TeamGiordano
  4. Community Clean-Up
    Community Clean-Up
  5. Baltimore City Black Leaders
    Baltimore City Black Leaders
  6. Attorney A. Dwight Pettit...
    Attorney A. Dwight Pettit...
  7. Delegate Frank Conaway Jr
    Delegate Frank Conaway Jr

Super Saturday - Canvass with the Candidate in the Community

Every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m. 

Location: Various Locations (email to get on the list) 

Come out and support the Giordano for Clerk campaign, as we go in different communities across the City of Baltimore, talking to voters and educating them on Hassan's 21st century vision on how we 'Change the Courts' once he is elected as Baltimore's next Clerk of the Circuit Court.
Vital Voting Information

Former Felons are now eligble to vote, regardless of how many felony convictions, or whether or not they are on parole and proobation, if you are home you can vote!

You can also register to vote and vote the same day during Early Voting only! 

Early Voting
Thursday, June 14th - Thursday, June 21st
10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. 

Voting at seven locations citywide, find out where they are here

Election Day

Tuesday, June 26th ~ 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

At your local polling location (listed on your voter card)
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