“I wholeheartedly and unequivocally support my friend, Hassan Giordano for Clerk of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, because I know Hassan has a passion for people that transcends politics. He has shown a sense of leadership and an ability to lead over the years without ever being elected to political office, but being just as effective, if not more effective in some cases, than those we elect to serve our interests. I have no doubt that Hassan will bring forth the changes he has outlined in his 21st century vision on his website, www.hassangiordano.com, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that the voters of Baltimore know and understand the leadership they will be getting when they elect him as the city’s next Clerk.”

~ Kweisi Mfume, former Baltimore City Councilman, Congressman and President/CEO of the National Assocation for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) 

Giordano for Clerk Endorsement Videos

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Hassan for years, and I know that he will make a great Clerk for the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. He knows what it takes to move things forward, whether it be legislatively in achieving the vision he has to increase juror pay or address the need for a new courthouse; or administratively, when addressing the many issues that currently exist, including streamlining the antiquated juror selection process and upgrading the current technology. The citizens of this city will be well served having Hassan Giordano as their next Court Clerk."

​~Sheila Dixon

Former City Councilwoman, Council President and the first female Mayor of the City of Baltimore. 

Giordano for Clerk Event Photos

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    Title 35
  2. Managing Director
    Friends in High Places
    Hassan was honored by the attendance of his friend and supporter, Maryland Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford
  3. Managing Director
    Title 38
  4. Managing Director
    Mayor Sheila Dixon
    Honored to have her support
  5. Managing Director
    To be Blessed...
    Hassan was proud to have his supporter and Baltimore City spiritual leader, Reverend Alvin Hathaway attend the event and open us up in prayer
  6. Managing Director
    Pat Kelly - AFSCME 3674 President
    Proud to have the support of Pat Kelly, the leader of the local union that represents the courthouse employees, and honored to have given her an award in recognition of all her hard work
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    Title 36
  8. Managing Director
    Sharing my 21st Century Vision
    Increase in Juror Pay, Upgrade the Technology and Juror Selection System, Build a New Charm City Courthouse Complex and ensure Fiscal Responsibility in the distribution of funds and collecting civil and criminal fees
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    Title 37
  10. Managing Director
    #MrPolitics mingles with his guests, Lt. Governor Rutherford and Rita Church
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    Title 34
  12. Managing Director
    Rocking with Robinson
    Privilaged to have the support of the leader of #Team40, Senator Barbara Robsinson
  13. Managing Director
    It's a Family Affair
    Hassan was proud to have his family in attendance, including his father Harry 'Jake' Allen, his wife Dorothy Dobbyn, his old babysitter Judy Berlin, along with his son Malik and girlfriend Tameka Jones
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    Judicial Endorsement
    Hassan received the support and financial contribution of Baltimore's #1 legal scholar, the next Supreme Court Justice, A. Dwight Petit
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    Won't be politics as usual
    Hassan is joined by his friend and brother, the next delegate for the 41st district, Sean Stinnett
  16. Managing Director
    Standing Tall with my main man Delegate Frank Conaway Jr
    Honored to have the support of my mentor's son and my main apple scrapple
  17. Managing Director
    All Flavors of Love
    No Willie Lynch syndrome will stop this show, regardless of the shade, black voters from across the city are proud of Hassan's vision and campaign, including community leader Wil Torriente
  18. Managing Director
    Partisan Power
    Both sides of the aisle support Hassan's common sense approach to fixing the Circuit Courthouses, Democrat and Republican officials alike
  19. Managing Director
    Community Love
    Penn North Recovery leader and West Baltimore advocate Ericka Alston-Buck Hosted the night's event and posed with Hassan and the Lt. Governor to show her unyielding support for the two
  20. Managing Director
    Business Friendly
    Business owners Ross Levin and Danny BenDebba came out to show Hassan some love and financial support
  21. Managing Director
    Childhood Friends
    Hassan's childhood friends came out to support his campaign and vision
  22. Managing Director
    Am I My Brother's Keeper
    The brothers came out to support Mr. Giordano and his campaign
  23. Managing Director
    Diverse Support
    State Delegate candidate Joyce Smith, sister of 45th district delegate and chairwoman of the Md. Black Caucus Delegate Cheryl Glenn came out to support along with financial wizard and Team Giordano Finance Chair Sean Winkler
  24. Managing Director
    Campaign Team
    Lt. Governor Rutherford shares a laugh with members of TeamGiordano, Joseph and Dwayne
  25. Managing Director
    Two big Giordano supporters
    Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford and Terra Cafe owner Terence Dixon are happy to support Mr. Giordano and his 21st century vision
  26. Managing Director
    Giordano Supporters
    State courthouse employees Raphael Knight and his wife come out to support Mr. Giordano's 21st century vision
  27. Managing Director
    Politics at its finest
    Hassan discusses politics before the event
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    Title 42
  29. Managing Director
    Title 43
  30. Managing Director
    Title 49
  31. Managing Director
    Title 44
  32. Managing Director
    Title 46
  33. Managing Director
    Title 48
  34. Managing Director
    Pat Kelly and Hassan Giordano
    Standing United to Change the Courts
  35. Managing Director
    AFSCME 3674 Meet and Greet for Hassan
    Courthouse employees meet and greet Hassan as he lays out his 21st century vision for how we Change the Courts
  36. Managing Director
    City Employee and Pigtown Voter
    Supporting Hassan Giordano for Clerk